Recording Gift Voucher – with live session band


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A great gift for a birthday or Christmas.

This recording voucher is for a demo production of a song with live session band. It works in three sessions like this:

Session 1: You meet with a music producer for two hours to workshop the song you have written and create sheet music for the musicians
Session 2: Within a month of the first meeting, Orange will hold a session band day with live drums, bass, guitar, piano, engineer and music producer in which we record the backing to your song. Other people’s songs will be recorded on this day too (this is how we keep the price of the song production down for you).

Session 3: Shortly after the session band day, we book a two hour session in the west studio recording vocals, editing the vocals and mixing them. Don’t like auto-tune? No worries, let’s go natural! Like it? We can do it.